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About Brannan Roofing

25 Years of Roofing Expertise

Brannan Roofing is a family-owned and operated organization. Our goal is to please every customer with a quality solution. We believe that the best advertisement is a happy customer. Looking for References? We have plenty of those.

The Better Business Bureau currently accredits Brannan Roofing. We are committed to offering you only the best services and use the best quality products. Each of our new customers has become loyal clients. It is you – our loyal customers, who motivate us to offer better services every day because, without you, we cannot continue to grow.

About Ronnie Brannan

“Hi! I’m Ronnie Brannan, the owner of Brannan Roofing.

I have been around the construction industry for most of my life. Brannan Builders, Inc. was my father’s local construction company, where I got my start about twenty years ago.

This has been our family business. The vast amount of knowledge and experience has given me the right tools to assist you with roof installations, replacements, or repairs.

Contact us for a free estimate.”

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